Gaza is a narrow strip of land situated in the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a place where the war between Palestinians and Israel has continued for decades, a war that stops for a short period of time and then starts again as Palestinians fight with the Israeli Troops. In spite of all these things, the truth is that Gaza is very beautiful place for those who really love nature. The people of this place have the ability of work hard for their country. There are many famous and beautiful places in the Gaza. People from New Zealand and other countries who love the desert brave people should come and see for themselves. Some have claimed that Israeli Troops have tried their best to destroy this beautiful place but if so they have not succeeded.

Omari Mosque of Gaza

This great and amazing Omari Mosque of Gaza is one of the most beautiful places in Gaza. This Omari Mosque is very old and tells a great history of Muslim glory. It is located in the old city of Gaza and is the largest mosque in Gaza. Before the mosque was built there was an old Philistine temple on the site. But in seventh century, when Muslims conquered Gaza, then this temple was converted into a great beautiful mosque. In the 10th century, Crusaders replaced this mosque by a large cathedral. But in 1187, this cathedral was replaced once again with a large mosque by the Ayyubids.

In the year of 1260, Mongols destroyed this beautiful mosque when they succeeded to defeat the Ayyubids. But in 1560, this mosque was built again by the Ottomans for enhancing the glory of this beautiful place in Gaza. During world war one, Britain damaged this mosque again. But in the year of 1926, this splendid mosque was rebuilt by the Muslims of Palestine. After that, soon this splendid mosque became the glory and pride for the Muslims of Gaza and all over the world.

Due to its pleasing look and amazing history, many Muslims and Non-Muslims started to visit the Gaza to see this splendid. Till now many Muslims and Non-Muslims from New-Zealand and other part of the world come in Gaza to see this beautiful mosque in spite of the danger.

Beautiful Hotels

In spite of the occupation, the Muslims of Gaza has done considerable development in Gaza. The amazing and splendid world class hotels and restaurants are the example of this thing. Al Deira is one of the great example of the art and skills of these proud people. When people enter this beautiful hotel they feel they could be in any of the best hotels of the world. The rooms, furniture and staff of this hotel are amazing. They don't show any prejudice between Muslims and Non-Muslims. That's why many New Zealanders who visit Gaza choose to stay in this splendid hotel.